Trans-European Partnership with Headshift


When we initiated E20Cases our aim was to collect a great variety of case studies from organisations of all sizes, industries and technologies. Our first idea was to conduct these case studies all by ourselves by applying a standardised template (our „Fallstudienraster“); inter alia to make the cases comparable and garantee a certain (scientific) quality.

Notwithstanding we do not want to neglegt the great number and variety of cases that have already been conducted.

Now, to further enlarge the range of case studies we are dependend on strong partners that share their knowledge i.e. their cases with us. We found one very strong partner in Headshift.

Headshift is a leading European consultancy in the field of enterprise social software.
Founded in 2003 they have worked with dozens of clients to address specific business needs using social tools. Thus, we were very happy about their offer to share their constantly growing list of case studies on our platform.

In the last days we started to add the first Headshift case studies on the website and are now looking forward to adding more case studies.

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