Siemens: Knowledge Networking with TechnoWeb 2.0

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For over ten years, Siemens AG has accumulated experience in the field of knowledge networking through different solutions. The so-called TechnoWeb was introduced in a software development division with 6,000 employees at Siemens AG Austria in 1998. In June 2009, the Executive Board of Siemens AG decided that this platform will be based on a new technology, Liferay, and rolled out companywide, because of the intention to examine the potential of the service for the entire company. The new platform should support a heterogeneous group of more than 40,000 potential users to connect to each other and share information. The case study describes the accumulated experience in the implementation of the platform.



Erhebung der Daten / Einreichung: January 2009 - January 2011
Finale Annahme und Veröffentlichung: Februar 2011 - Michael Koch

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