Welcome to the Enterprise 2.0 Case Study Network!

The case studies on the application of Social Software in enterprises which are collected on this platform shall help transferring knowledge from praxis to praxis and into research. This shall support a learning process to which anybody can contribute across disciplines, and create a common knowledge source that is open to all.

When designing the platform we had the following stakeholders in mind :

  • Practitioners – who want to learn how to successfully adapt and introduce Social Software in enterprises
  • Researchers – who are interested in data (in the form of case studies) on the usage of Social Software in enterprises
  • Lecturers – who are looking for well documented case studies for usage in (university) courses
  • Media – who are looking for the relevance and importance of „Web 2.0“ in enterprises

To be useful both for practitioners and researchers and lecturers, we are trying to collect case studies following a standardised case template, authored by independed experts from academia. In addition to these „high-quality“ case studies we are also collecting other examples not (yet) meeting our high standards.

We are a team of university institutes, that work on different aspects of the application of Social Software in enterprises (and the transformation of the enterprises due to this).

We are happy about every support from practitioners and researchs helping to enlarge or platform (and the content on it) – have a look at our how to help page.